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Business Insurance

How We Help Businesses

Business Insurance can be very complex and extensive and it is important to be understood by all business owners. Lowering costs is an integral part of running a successful business an d business insurance is often seen as an expendable aspect of a business. The problem is that there is a large difference between taking a risk and exposing your business; there is no upside on your business being vulnerable. One disaster alone is enough to close the doors of your business.

Commercial insurance is meant to protect both the business and the business owner from unforseen events that may lead to the financial collapse of their business. This tax deductible tool allows owners to recover from losses from liability, damages and injuries, theft, malpractice and even acts of God, while also helping to protect the business's assets. The right type of coverage helps businesses become more efficient since it releases the burden of dealing with losses, reduces business uncertainty, and can even enhance their line of credit in the business growth stages. 

The Importance of Working With Your Agent

Given the extensive nature of commercial insurance, it is best to work with an agent with extensive experience in order to help you come up with a package tailored to address your business needs. The agents at our agency will help discuss common losses within your industry and will work with you to build a proposal for coverage options for your specific business. Our goal is to ultimately develop long-term relationships with our clients in order for us to make sure that their coverage continues to be relevant as their business grows and their needs change.

Common Business Policies

General Liability

Commercial Auto

Workers Compensation

Commercial Umbrella


Most Common Myths and Mistakes About Business Insurance

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